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We teach tennis and help to improve performance. While there are many different models of coaching, here we are not considering the ‘coach as expert’ but, instead, the coach as a facilitator of learning.

Tennis Tournament

Stay up to date on our Tournaments. Get the latest news, schedule updates and other Tournament information. Our major tournaments holds in Lagos, Abuja and Benin. We also put up tournaments for different organisation nation wide.

Designing and Installation

Do you want to build a new tennis court? Which court surface is right for you? What products are required and in what quantities? What about lighting and fencing? How much will it cost?

Our Gallery

Our Store

In our store you will find a great selection of tennis sportswear
for men and women, of any type and size.

Everything that you need for tennis

We offer a great selection of various tennis wear and supplies, backpacks and high quality racquets. Visit the store for more information and purchasing.

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Tennis is my passion. Finally there is a place where everyone can spend amazing time on one of the multiple courts smashing the power and sharpening the skills during trainings and tournaments. I recommend Tennis Club to all who seek professional coaching help!

Susan BaleCoach

I love your work: literally every piece of design is unique and oh so wonderful! And now I absolutely adore my website. Thanks to your theme it looks great and works impeccably. Good luck with the next one!

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NVSD Tennis offers high quality programs for the beginning player to the most advanced player. Programs are offered for all ages, junior to adult players. Our premium tennis facility is open for individual and group training, championships and friends & family tournaments. Professional coaches and equipment are available for all talents coming through.
Phone: (080) 3228-5467
National Stadium Surulere
Lagos Nigeria